9-Year-Old Boy Defeats A Professional Chess Streamer

Kids these days are really good at chess… Andrea experienced it herself at the London chess shop. Drop a like and tell us in the comments if you have ever lost to an opponent as young as the boy in the video!
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  1. To be fair. Im not a chess master but every time I see these sisters playing, they are losing a game

  2. 😂❤👍🏻🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿

  3. Why does this stupid lady not stop talking during play? It definitely distracts the opponent.

  4. that s why better not to talk when playing chess😂😂

  5. Is she a parrot? you should be more focused on the game

  6. Losing to a young player is an honour and very respectable

  7. now streamers are proffessional?? give me a break

  8. Kid should a been a gentleman and let her waive the touch move rule.

  9. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. Она слишком много болтает. Шахматы требуют концентрации и тишины

  11. bocil itu kalau mainnya dengan cewek serius kali matanya ke catur…….🤣🤣

  12. Nice. Luck with the queen. Happens.

  13. I though there were rules against talking during a game?

  14. Ah, the classic Botez gambit accepted, you love to see it

  15. Women stupied. Hahahahaha. From country stupied

  16. Does she need to be talking all the time?

  17. نصيحة لا تلعب الشطرنج مع فتاة اوروبية او امريكية خاصة من ذوي البشرة البيضاء لانهن ثرثارات 🥴🥴🤯🤯😡😡

  18. الفتيات مزعجات حتى لو عرضت علي مصاحبتها لسنة كاملة مقابل ان العب معها مبارة واحدة سواء فزت او خسرت فيها فلن اقبل اللعب معها لانها ترثارة

  19. Awesome lil man!…….she talks too much….annoying……

  20. Sakkozás közben nem pofázunk folyamatosan. Tiszteletlenség és nagyon zavaró!

  21. Whyz all the guyz watching chest match

  22. If not for the queen blunder, he would have lost.

  23. Didn't she talk loudly all the time? I think this is quite rude and could have been distracting for the 9 year old boy. Thankfully he is such a wizard Chess player he didn't phase him and he enjoyed himself and checkmate! Bravo! Xxx ❤

  24. Brilliant effort by the kid. He played the first half really well and got a good level position. Then he attacks. Although Andrea blunders her Q at 4:12 she already looks in trouble as she has to guard her c4 Knight, and if Qc7 Ncb5! It seems to me she's just losing a Knight, yet the evaluation bar is equal. Maybe after Na7 she has to play Rxa7 and try to trap the Bishop with b6. But after Nb5 and a4/b3 it looks to me as if White still keeps a material plus. His speed and accuracy of play at the end is tremendous too. Kudos!!

  25. i love how she gave him the Queen i and no"t say anything

  26. she was playing against a kid and instead of concentrating on the game she kept talking, never underestimate your opponent.

    "how did that happed did your dad play on your account" He just gave her a demo, lmao

  27. Defeated by 9 years old boy???!!!!!

    Damnn…… Mannn……!!!!!!!

  28. Rule n°1 in chess : If you see a kid in the adult section, run.

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