6 Best Chess Openings for Beginners | Top Moves, Plans, Strategy, Gambits, Tactics, Traps & Ideas

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Top 6 Chess Openings You Must Know – In this chess lesson, we’ll look at 6 chess openings which I feel are the best for beginners or players who don’t want to study much opening theory. These are not only fundamentally strong, but also very easy to learn. These chess opening plans, strategy, moves, tactics, tricks and ideas, will help you advance to a really solid middlegame without much trouble. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

0:00 Chess Openings for Beginners – Intro
0:20 Opening #1 for White
1:47 Opening #2 for White
3:12 Opening #3 for White
4:12 About BetterHelp
5:22 Opening #4 for Black
6:36 Opening #5 for Black
7:45 Opening #6 for Black
8:52 Chess Puzzle

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  1. Rxb7 king can not take because Nd6 will be blunder of black no option for black black will have to take rook otherwise black will be checkmate

  2. I am 19 and started playing chess a week ago..
    Your videos are so helpful..
    I would like to ask that after how many months I would be a decent player of chess…??

  3. Rook to b7 then king takes then knight b6 check and white takes the queen

  4. Knight To C5 King To B6 Rookh To G6 Check And Mate

  5. Night movies d6 the Pan movies C5 it becomes check meet

  6. 🐎 will jump into d3 n rook will get down 2e6

  7. I am Confused which is worth trying for me

  8. In London system of I bc3 goes to position as you said then the opposite bc8 comes to bf5 what should I do I am beginniner

  9. This is a great channel, not just for chess content, but overall enjoyment. You get to learn about this awesome game and it's strategies, while enjoying the overall presentation and vibe created by the host.

  10. Rook to b7, if Kings takes Rook, Knight forks king and Queen, if denies still black has the pawn advantage

  11. Ntc5 check
    Black king to b5 forced
    Rtb7 beautiful check mate

  12. I loose rating then I watch his video then i have a new win streak

  13. Puzzle=r×b7
    King takes rook hai white knight forked the queen 👑

  14. जय माँ आदिशक्ति says:

    प्लीज़ भाई हिंदी में भी वीडियो डाला करो।

  15. There is loop hole in first opening the bishief on white block is unprotected

  16. 0:49, What if black played e5 😆
    Ur plan has to change from the base

  17. Question: what if after Nf6, white moves to e5, d6 X e5, d4 X e5, then white pawn on e5 is targeting Nf6, where to move Nf6?

  18. Just a suggestion.
    Try to make your videos in Hindi as well. There is a lot of audience for that. Requesting you for this as your channel is one of the best in the country. Hence you can think about delievering this.

  19. New online channel for chess

  20. puzzle answer:-
    move the pawn to b5, then the king would most probably capture the pawn by moving to b5, then we have to knight to d6 giving a check to the king and also threatening the queen, so due to check, the king has to move and the sweetie is gone………..

  21. How the fuck is this for beginners. WTF is c6 f4 whatever

  22. First move is Kc5
    Then Rb7
    And checkmate

  23. I don't get why you are not up front with the openings. Why a time stamp for "Opening #1 for White"? … Call it the f' London System.

  24. Up Front Timestamps
    0:00 Chess Openings for Beginners – Intro

    0:20 White: London System

    1:47 White: Italian Game

    3:12 White: Closed Sicilian

    4:12 About BetterHelp

    5:22 Black: Kings Indian Setup

    6:36 Black: Queens Gambit Declined

    7:45 Black: Open Sicilian / Dragon Variation

    8:52 Chess Puzzle

  25. Ur explanation is so clear and lucid.thanks a lot sir

  26. I used the London system opening to defeat a player whose rating was 1752 and my rating is lesser it's 1400

  27. Rook a7 when king takes rook knight g6forks the couple and then capture the queen

  28. whose watching this for a chess competition in school

  29. Rook to b7 and knight to d6 and the queen is gone

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