5 Secret Chess Rules

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  1. I know another way and it's called the ultimate stalemate and it's when you promote to a queen a pawn an stalemate

  2. How to win in chess:
    Step 1: the French Defence (a baguette)
    Step2: build an Ohio class submarine
    Stp3: build a trident 3 missile
    S4: launch it at your opponents pieces
    5: you win

  3. Perpetual checks only result in a draw when the threefold repetition occurs. So they do not form their own category of draw.

  4. C'mon man! Where's timeout vs insufficient material. Its one of the best feelings when ur in a dead lost position but your opponent runs out of time

  5. On chess.com if I lose on time and the opponent has insufficient material, it's a draw. Does this rule apply on classical chess?

  6. Well lucky for me I only recently just found out about the 50 move rule after my dumbass spent 5 minutes not knowing how to checkmate with a rook and a king😭

  7. Can we get rid of stalemate for the 2.0 update?

  8. i remember always stalemating because i didn't know how to checkmate

  9. And number six – opponent's insufficient material when you run out of time (or vice versa)

  10. There are actually 8 ways to draw a chess game.

  11. "your favorite stalemate"
    Yes if im loosing

  12. Lichess don’t give a fuck about insufficient checkmating material

  13. This is actually incorrect. There is no thing as “vortex checkmate”. The fifth way is what’s called “a dead position”.

  14. Insufficient material vs Ran out of time is also one

  15. There is actually a 6th way if your opponent LITTERLY DIES it’s a draw

  16. I once played against my chess board (its an electric one that has a chess ai built into it) and it didn't know about threefold repitition draw, i was down on material and then it just kept on checking me and i believe that if i didn't stop the game, it would've checked me untill the heat death of the universe

  17. What about insufficient material vs. time out?

  18. what's in a stalemate can anyone explain ???

  19. #1 is not a unique draw, and can be instead described as one of the other 4 types.

  20. he forgot the one where you run out of time but your oponent only has their king

  21. What about insufficient material vs timeout, where one side can’t checkmate but the other side ran out of time

  22. isn't perpetual check just a subset of threefold repetition?

  23. i quit chess because i kept on stalemating but never winning

  24. A lot of people don't give a f if the #3 rule is real or not they judt does not care.

  25. Fide Referee here. First of all, that's 4 rules; repetitive checks is basically the 3 repetitive position draw rule. Also, the 3 repetitive positions and the 50 move without any takes or pawn movement is only draw if a player makes a claim. The referee cannot act on his own unless it becomes 5 repetitive positions and 75 moves without any takes or pawn movement.

  26. Number 6: You run out of time but the opponent cant checkmate u anymore

  27. The same position 3 times in the same game whaaaat ?

  28. What about timeout vs insufficient checkmating material

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