3 Player Chess #shorts

Learn the basic rules to 3 Player Chess in 30 seconds. For the complete rules, check out our 4 minute video:

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  1. 2 players💀 3 players ☠️☠️

  2. According to the FIDE rules, aknight moves to its closest square that isn't diagonally or orthogonally reachable. Now tell me, when your knight is in the middle of THIS board, where can it move?

  3. 3 player chess is like war of the monsters.I don't care how cool it is, give me 4 players or give me nothing!

  4. "Me eyes hurty are yes looking at board they are." Pirate Yoda – S.Y. 2023 – 2023

  5. Me: Why isn’t it checkmate?The bishop on K12:😏

  6. There is no search a specific channel function so I will not be able to check out that video

  7. That new chess (the 3 player chess) but The792 just say No

  8. As if 2d chess was not already hard enough that they introduced 3d chess too🙂

  9. Is there a model from which we could print the playmat ?

  10. 69 player reverse infinity 3d chess, the rules are the same as regular chess except for these changes.

  11. Classic traditional chess is better,….. please stop killing this game🙂

  12. I can only imagine this ending in someone throwing something at my head

  13. 3 player chess – as if 2 player chess wasn’t complicated enough

  14. the rules are the same as regular chess except for these changes. for a refresher of those rules check out this video above

  15. Knights will be lost when it goes near tge center.

  16. N̷̻͘o̴͈̅n̵͚̂e̵̙̿s̵̠̍ẽ̸̺c̴͉͊ȍ̶̼n̵̳̊d̶̠͌ says:


  17. This is the first triple s short I watched, so Im just gonna say it, the rules are the same as the full legnth videos, but shorter

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