3 Player Chess #shorts

Learn the basic rules to 3 Player Chess in 30 seconds. For the complete rules, check out our 4 minute video:

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  1. "Me eyes hurty are yes looking at board they are." Pirate Yoda – S.Y. 2023 – 2023

  2. Me: Why isn’t it checkmate?The bishop on K12:😏

  3. There is no search a specific channel function so I will not be able to check out that video

  4. That new chess (the 3 player chess) but The792 just say No

  5. As if 2d chess was not already hard enough that they introduced 3d chess too🙂

  6. Is there a model from which we could print the playmat ?

  7. 69 player reverse infinity 3d chess, the rules are the same as regular chess except for these changes.

  8. Classic traditional chess is better,….. please stop killing this game🙂

  9. I can only imagine this ending in someone throwing something at my head

  10. 3 player chess – as if 2 player chess wasn’t complicated enough

  11. the rules are the same as regular chess except for these changes. for a refresher of those rules check out this video above

  12. Knights will be lost when it goes near tge center.

  13. N̷̻͘o̴͈̅n̵͚̂e̵̙̿s̵̠̍ẽ̸̺c̴͉͊ȍ̶̼n̵̳̊d̶̠͌ says:


  14. This is the first triple s short I watched, so Im just gonna say it, the rules are the same as the full legnth videos, but shorter

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